How Does PT Work?

Physical therapy works on the principle of how your body’s bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints all work in unison to allow you to move and perform various activities and jobs. Many times when you have an area of injury, trauma, inflammation, or weakness, you will unconsciously adapt the way you are moving to compensate for the part that hurts. Soon, it becomes a habit to move in a way that your body wasn’t designed to move, leading to additional problems. Physical therapists are trained to understand the relationship between all these factors, and they are equipped with a range of techniques and tools to normalize movement dysfunctions.

At VPT, our PT’s are doctors of physical therapy with years of manual therapy experience. We will identify areas of weakness, identify the goal of where you want to be, and then put together a plan for how to get you there. We use incremental steps that may not seem to be very difficult or very substantial by themselves. However, it’s the accumulated effect of all of the steps that helps you to reach your goals.

We are also trained to assist you in recovering from acute and chronic pain. Whether it’s an acute back strain, chronic pain from years of wear and tear, or pain for no rhyme or reason, we are highly trained in a variety of manual techniques that will assist in reducing pain and getting you back to the life you want to live.