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The VPT Difference

At VPT, our PTs are Doctors of Physical Therapy with years of manual therapy experience. We will work to identify areas of weakness, identify the goal of where you want to be, and then put together a plan for how to get you there. VPT uses incremental steps that may not seem difficult or very substantial by themselves, but the accumulated effects of these steps will help you to reach your goals. We provide personalized, hands on care. Read more


Patient Forms

Find out more about what to expect and download our forms to fill out before your appointment. Read more

Referring Providers


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Patient’s must be referred by a provider (Physician, PA, Nurse Practitioner, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Dentist). This means you must have a prescription for PT evaluation and treatment. You may bring one from your provider or they may email, fax or phone in the order for physical therapy services. Read more

Our Mission

Victoria Physical Therapy in Victoria, TX exists to provide comprehensive, evidence-based physical therapy services as a community-based out-patient, therapist-owned private practice to the people of Victoria and surrounding counties in Texas. 

At Victoria Physical Therapy, our therapists work at one facility, full-time, so we can better serve our out-patient population. Our entire staff is committed to ensuring each patient receives their maximum benefit by providing a safe and friendly environment to encourage a speedy recovery.