Bonnie Lovitt and Stephen Lovitt

Patient Testimonial Victoria Physical Therapy VPT Victoria TXMy husband, Stephen, and I have chosen Victoria Physical Therapy for many years. We have had multiple surgeries throughout the years, along with injuries that required physical therapy to regain our abilities to live our lives to the fullest.

When a body has been injured or recovering from surgery, it is not only the body that is affected, but also the person’s spirit. It would be easy to give up and not try to get stronger, if it wasn’t for the all-encompassing evaluation and therapy that is provided throughout the facility. Each person working at Victoria Physical Therapy makes sure that the experience helps to heal the broken physical parts, along with keeping the emotional support that is crucial in the healing process.

There are many layers to healing that are very well addressed at Victoria Physical Therapy, smoothly and always with gentle encouragement.

As for my family, we chose Victoria Physical Therapy because most importantly, the knowledge that has been used for us has brought us from pain, back to our full lives.



Patient Testimonial Victoria Physical Therapy VPT Victoria TXBernice Koliba

I started coming to therapy here about 3 months ago due to issues with my neck and shoulders. The pain I had kept me from sleeping and I was in constant pain, I had heard about dry needling but was a little skeptical about it. Dry needling turned out to be just what I needed for my pain. There is little to no pain with the treatment, now I am free of pain. I highly recommend Bryan with Victoria Physical Therapy he is by far one of the greatest in this field. All of the staff here are friendly and courteous.






Vickie Drouin

Patient Testimonial Victoria Physical Therapy VPT Victoria, TXLast year on July 1, 2017, I was walking too fast, twisted my ankle & fell. I went to the ER, was told I broke my left arm at the top. I was put in a sling, prescribed Tylenol #2 and sent home.

The pain was horrible; the pain meds were causing side effects, but not helping with the pain. I quit taking them. I tried other pain medicine and nothing worked, I just went without.

After my six weeks, I started physical therapy, Mary Drost took care of me Mary noticed where I was having the most pain and it was not from the break. She had recommended to my orthopedic doctor to order an MRI. It came back that I also had a torn Rotator cup, and my arm was also broken in two places. That explained the horrible pain I had. I thank god that Mary’s knowledge of the body, knew I had other injuries. My therapy stopped until after my surgery.

Mary Drost used a technique called “Dry Needling”, a procedure that does not hurt, and the effects are unbelievable. It takes away the pain and spasms. I highly recommend this procedure, I am still pain free.

The experience I take away from this is wonderful, Victoria Physical Therapy really take care for their patients. The whole staff treats you like family, and you will miss them when you have completed your therapy.



Victoria Physical Therapy VPT Victoria TXFrederick Newman

I have been pleased with the treatment that I have received for both shoulders at Victoria Physical Therapy. During my first visit Mary was fantastic, both in evaluating and helping me to understand the journey with regards to therapy for recovery. Since then, from Jennifer who is much more than a receptionist, and Rhonda and Mary, who have been with me through every step associated with therapy, and have been fantastic. In conclusion from Bryan, Thelma, Josh and Rachael and the other staff members at VPT, I have thoroughly enjoyed my treatments and will look forward to my recovery with Victoria Physical Therapy.