Injury Prevention/Work Place Injuries

Injury Prevention

At Victoria Physical Therapy you will work with a doctoral trained physical therapist that is highly trained and very good at spotting several potentially risky symptoms that may lead to disabling injuries. With a physical therapy evaluation, we can detect the following issues:

  • Low Back Pain: A routine physical therapy exam can detect whether you are at risk for suffering an injury and developing low back pain.
  • Total Joint Replacement: A routine physical therapy exam can identify the early risk factors for developing joint arthritis, the primary cause for joint replacement.
  • Hypertension: Cardiovascular screening can detect risk factors for hypertension, which allows your physical therapist (PT) to prescribe a safe exercise plan to help minimize your risk.
  • Headaches: A routine physical therapy exam can identify risk factors that can lead to debilitating headaches.
  • Rotator Cuff Tear: A routine physical therapy exam can determine your risk for developing shoulder pain leading to a tear in the rotator cuff.
  • Injury from A Fall: A routine physical therapy exam can detect your risk for falling, and even prevent you from suffering a life-threatening injury.
  • ACL Injury: A routine physical therapy exam can detect your risk of suffering a devastating knee injury.

Work-place Injuries

At Victoria Physical Therapy, we are workplace injury specialists. We deliver hands-on manual physical therapy to treat back, knee, ankle, and shoulder injuries due to falls, slips, lifting, and twisting. Whether you have a small office or a large production plant we can perform workplace assessments and teach workplace specific exercises to help reduce workplace injuries.

VPT provides injured worker services when an employee has an orthopedic injury and needs to return to the job healthy, quickly, and cost effectively. At VPT, we guarantee each worker will receive the very best evidence-based care. Our orthopedic services include:

  • Acute Injury Treatment
  • Chronic Injury Treatment

It pays to be proactive, especially where your health is concerned. Call Victoria Physical Therapy today to find out how we can help you prevent injuries.