Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint and can contribute to a number of conditions such as headaches. Neck pain can also cause loss of motion that holds you back from living your life. The good news is that it is most commonly caused by joint and muscle problems, not a serious disease. At Victoria Physical Therapy we will evaluate your neck pain and tailor a neck program to your specific needs.

Treatment may include:

  • Manual therapy to reduce pain and normalize your range of motion
  • Hands on therapy and (soft tissue mobilization) to work on muscle tone
  • Exercises to help normalize movement and increase strength
  • Patient education
  • Postural awareness and posture specific exercises
  • Development of a home treatment program
  • Torticollis

A high quality 2013 study strongly suggests that an integrated approach is best at helping neck pain. Neck exercises combined with mobilization, and possibly manipulation, may be the best plan to reduce neck pain soon after it develops. At Victoria Physical Therapy we will suggest the best proper exercises and show you exactly how to perform them, a crucial step to ensure that you do not make the injury worse. Our ultimate goal is to make you the best you can be and we will work to address postural issues as well as to improve your overall strength and mobility/flexibility in order to live the life you want to live.