Manual Physical Therapy

Manual physical therapy is a hands-on technique that is used to decrease pain and improve range-of-motion and flexibility of stiff joints and muscles. Mobilization and manipulation are key components of manual therapy; both techniques restore the power of movement to joints & associated muscles. At Victoria Physical Therapy we are trained in manual therapy and have many years of experience with manual therapy. This is one of the things that sets us apart from the other PT’s in town. Our very own Bryan McAdams, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, is board certified in orthopedics and is certified in manual therapy and will be glad to assist you in your recovery at Victoria Physical Therapy.

Who benefits from Manual Physical Therapy?

Patients with a variety of disabilities and orthopedic conditions may benefit from manual physical therapy. Current research strongly confirms that manual physical therapy combined with therapeutic exercise produces faster better results that are the longest lasting when compared to just exercise or just manual therapy. Manual therapy can produce rapid pain relief and improved function in the following conditions: back pain, neck pain, headaches, hip and knee dysfunctions including osteoarthritis, various types of shoulder injuries, and pain.