High Deductible Insurance

What to know if you have a high deductible?

It seems like every year my deductible gets higher. I am having neck pain which is getting worse instead of better. My doctor has recommended physical therapy before prescribing medication or expensive MRI. I am worried about the cost!

Here is a simple explanation! A high deductible health plan requires you to pay a large amount of your healthcare costs, out of pocket, before insurance kicks in to help. The IRS says a health plan is considered a HDHP if the deductible is $1,300/year or more per individual or more than $2,600/year for families.

Getting PT early has been proven to save time, money and unnecessary tests down the road and sometimes eliminate the need for surgery. Pay a little now or a lot later.

At Victoria Physical Therapy, we will work with you on a payment plan or you may want to consider private pay. Let’s discuss it!