Below is a list of some of the insurance companies for which we are providers. If you do not see your company listed, please call our office and someone will verify your coverage.

Aetna Blue Cross Cigna Humana
Medicare Tricare PHCS United Health
Medicare Railroad Principal DARS Boon Chapman
VA US Dept.of Labor Driscoll Great West Healthcare
Medicaid Workers Comp

We are members of PTPN, a national network of contracting companies. This grants us access to many other health plans not listed above. It is our policy to confirm the eligibility and benefits of all of our patients and inform them of their particular benefits at the time of their first visit. We also work with the patient’s doctor and insurance company to obtain authorization for therapy when it is required.

Private/Group Health Insurance

We provide weekly insurance billing for our patients. Coinsurance and/or deductible amounts are the patient’s responsibility and are collected at the time of visit. Payment plans are available if arranged for prior to treatment.

Auto Insurance

Some auto plans include a “Medical Pay” for varying amounts. If your plan allows, we can bill up to the allowed amount. This information is available through your purchasing agent and the patient can check on this benefit prior to commencement of treatment.

Worker's Compensation

Injured workers have 100% coverage for accepted claims through their employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. Due to regulations legislated by the State of Texas, prior authorization for physical therapy may be required before the patient can begin therapy. We work with the patient’s doctor and insurance company to obtain authorizations in as timely a fashion as possible.


For patients without insurance, or for those who choose not to use their insurance, we have payment options available. We accept payments by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

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