Headaches are one of the most common reasons that people see their primary care physician and they account for 20% of outpatient visits to neurologists. People with persistent headaches report disabling symptoms that often-times interfere with daily activities and concentration. Many seek numerous treatment approaches but often times have to accept these headaches as a fact of life and many have become dependent on medications to get some relief in their symptoms.

A thorough medical evaluation is necessary with a new onset of headache and your physical therapist at Victoria Physical Therapy can be a part of that assessment. Sources of headache are often a combination of factors, including musculoskeletal, psychological, neurovascular, nutritional, and chemical imbalance in the brain. Some headaches are indicative of a disease process; some are life-threatening, and others are simply from stress.

A thorough physical therapy examination determines the type of headache and defines the neuromusculoskeletal factors contributing to it. Muscle tension, joint dysfunction of the neck and jaw, poor posture and stress are factors that can be addressed and treated by a skilled physical therapist trained in manual therapy.

If you suffer from headaches and are looking for a way to manage them beyond medication, call Victoria Physical Therapy or ask your doctor for a referral to PT.